MotoAmerica staff members divert groundwater away from the race surface at NJMP. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

Running a motorcycle road racing series like MotoAmerica requires the staff and personnel to wear many hats and possess many skills and special talents.

Late on Friday at New Jersey Motorsports Park, after a full day of practice and qualifying in all five race classes, several MotoAmerica and AMA/FIM officials and staff went to work applying their “civil engineering” skills to redirect some of the water runoff that had collected off-track from the recent heavy rains that fell in the Millville area over the past couple of days.

The majority of the racing surface at NJMP was dry most of Friday, but the ground surrounding the asphalt was so saturated with water that some of it took the least-resistant pathway and formed a couple of small “rivulets” across the race surface, which unfortunately caused a few tipovers in Friday’s sessions.

Water, water everywhere, but not on the race surface. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

MotoAmerica and AMA/FIM officials and staff worked throughout the day and between sessions. Armed with shovels, brooms, leaf blowers, and various other tools, they strived to hold back the water. And then, at the end of the day, they brought in the “heavy equipment,” including a sump pump to transfer the water into a series of collection trenches in some of the low spots around the track.

Saturday dawned with sunny skies and a favorable forecast at NJMP, which, combined with the hard work done the night before, should keep any ground-laden moisture off the racing surface.

MotoAmerica fans dig racing…and so does the series, both figuratively and literally.

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